Sales Performance Transformation

Having completed an initial fact find to identify the main barriers to performance improvement we design a unique solution for each individual customer. The solution is built from existing components within a framework provided by Performative Structured Selling®. This approach gives all the benefits of a bespoke solution with the efficiency of a packaged one.

The components fall into four main areas:

  • Market Focus Review – the Performative process that ensures the proposition, target markets and routes to market are correctly defined, fully aligned and effectively communicated at all market contact points.
  • The selling model and associated processes designed for each individual customer, built around the proven Performative Structured Selling® methodology. This covers all aspects of the selling cycle and business development process, from the early stages of identifying target prospects through to full account ownership.
  • Information and selling tools, applied correctly can empower the sales people through every stage of the selling process. All markets are getting more complex and competitive and as a result, the sales people need to be better armed, to quickly turn information into knowledge and thus maximise their chances of winning more deals, and more profitable deals.
  • People – having now created the right environment and foundations we can turn our attention to the people. We provide a range of services covering; profiling, recruitment & selection, induction, and education & training programmes covering both process and selling skills training. Not only do we focus on the sales people and other customer facing staff, we also provide development and coaching programmes for the whole sales management hierarchy.

The finished product is a fully operational, practical selling system designed to deliver sustainable performance improvement to your business.

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