Initial Fact Find

Our typical starting point for any customer project involves an evaluation of the selling capability and capacity via a thorough analysis of the current and the desired future position of the company to determine the level of maturity of its go-to-market model and the associated processes. In this way we can establish a quantifiable view of what the business in its current state can achieve and what is required to achieve the desired goals, plans and budgets.
Sales Maturity AssessmentThe assessment is undertaken by senior members of the Performative team, who bring a vast amount of practical sales experience to bear, consequently the process often extends to look at related issues within the business which significantly impact on sales performance.

The results are typically fed back to the management team and board of directors via a presentation and workshop; they provide a blue-print for tackling the issues which are limiting the growth and development of the business.

The blue-print provides a way forward which you can implement yourself, or with our assistance.

Get in touch if you would like us to help you identify the actions needed to achieve your goals.