Supportive Sales Environment

A successful sales and selling strategy that supports the business goals by delivering predictable business growth should be built from the following main components:

  • A rigorous and continuous approach to generating consistently high quality leads.
  • An effective approach to handling those leads turning them into new customers.
  • A bidding process that optimises your chances of winning the deals you want.
  • The means to produce realistic sales forecasts providing a predictable view of the deals that will come in, how much they will be worth and when they will close.
  • Having won the first piece of business the next stage is to set about developing a permanent relationship with the customer; a repeat user of your services or products.

The most productive approach to business development will be found in; businesses grown through farming established customer relationships creating new opportunities while never losing sight of the importance of hunting for new potential customers and opportunities.

Hunting + farming will deliver the optimum return for the investment in sales, selling and marketing capability.

Two final pieces provide a game winning strategy.

  • The methodology, go-to-market strategy and associated process that lock the whole thing together providing a fully integrated, sales and selling “production line”.
  • The people that undertaking the; marketing, sales and selling roles. While it may seem odd to mention the people last, experience informs us that investment in people before the rest of the operation is functioning effectively is often a wasted investment.

The right environment, built from the components outlined above, will help the people to be consistently productive while an incomplete or disjointed environment will hinder even the best people.

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