Sales Recruitment

Our recruitment process typically consists of the following main steps:

  1. We work with you to create the job description from which we will create the job advert. We will also undertake the following activities:
    • Using an on-line profiling tool we will work with you to create a personal profile of the “ideal” candidate. Using the same tool at a later stage we will also profile short-listed candidates and compare them to the ideal profile to help with the final selection process.
    • We will advise on a suitable remuneration package, targets, etc. We could also design and produce the whole package if required.
    • Consider alternative approaches for sourcing candidates including on-line recruitment, print media advertising and head-hunting. We would not proceed with any specific approach without your prior approval.
  2. If the chosen route is advertising, we design the job advert and once you have approved it, place it with our on-line recruitment agent or in the chosen print media.
  3. We agree with you the final selection process that will be used for short-listed candidates. We usually recommend that the final selection process should include some sort of practical selling activity including a presentation against a brief which we will design for you. We may also recommend a selection panel or assessment centre approach as part of the final selection process.
  4. All CVs will come to us and we will telephone interview relevant candidates.
  5. We will then conduct a face-to-face interview with all suitable candidates.
  6. We will create a short-list and for each candidate provide you with the CV, our interview notes and the candidates’ personal profile which provides guidance on specific areas to probe when interviewing the candidate.
  7. You will then do your own interviews for the short-listed candidates. We will normally be involved in this process.
  8. Final selection will be made following a process agreed in advance as discussed in point 3 above.
  9. We manage and co-ordinate the whole process.

Additional services that we provide include; taking up references, making job offers, designing employment contracts and commission plans, and induction programme design and delivery.