Results Achieved

Our customers are typically selling B2B, B2C, products, services, concepts, or complex propositions. They come from a diverse mix of sectors including technology, education, and specialist commercial offerings.  There is no ‘one size fits all’ solution so the results to be achieved are obviously dependent on the scope of our activity, but for example, the potential of a sales performance transformation programme includes:

  • Customers who are happy and communicative at multiple levels, giving you advance warning of upcoming opportunities.
  • Senior management able to identify and focus on strategic activities.
  • Sales management with the tools to be in control, avoiding unpleasant surprises.
  • Sales teams motivated and operating in harmony with the business goals.

arising from …

  • Your proposition, target markets, routes to market and collateral will be consistent and your outbound sales and marketing activities will be sharply focused.
  • You will have a defined end-to-end process from the initial identification of targets through the evolutionary cycle from suspect to prospect and eventually to customer, resulting in more closed deals.
  • Contacts and opportunities with least potential will be weeded out early; sales activity will be focused on contacts with the greatest potential.
  • Your staff will be fully familiar with the process and supporting tools, and understand the methodology sufficiently to immediately adapt to varying scenarios and customer needs.
  • Key customer account and new business activities will be balanced to achieve your business goals.
  • Your pipeline will be a known quantity, providing objective measures of business potential.
  • The pipeline will provide meaningful KPIs giving advance warnings of problems.

The work done by Performative has created a great foundation enabling this year’s 20% sales growth.

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