Sales Force Effectiveness

While there is an extensive amount of technology available to support marketing, sales and selling these days there comes a point when your company has to engage with your prospects and customers human-to-human. Whether you have dedicated sales people or the role is fulfilled by others in your company; business analysts, consultants, engineers, auditors, lawyers, etc., the people charged with generating new and add-on business for you need to be skilled sales communicators.

There are two critical success points when considering the performance and productivity of a sales and selling operation; how & who you recruit, and how you train, develop and lead those people once they are employees.

Recruiting: All too often recruitment decisions come down to taking on the best available rather than those who satisfy what should be a stringent pre-prepared role specification. Simply taking the best you can find will in the majority of cases lead to disappointment.

The issue is even more significant when it comes to re-deploying staff into a selling role. Many people, no matter how strong they are in their chosen discipline, struggle when tasked with selling. You have probably asked them to do a job; they don’t like, didn’t want and don’t feel equipped to do properly. Moving internal people to selling roles should be approached with the same rigor as when you bring in new recruits – if they don’t fit don’t impose the role on them.

Training & development: Having carefully recruited, or reassigned, your new sales people you need to commit to; on-boarding, induction, training, coaching, their on-going development and, above all, to providing committed dedicated management. You also need to ensure their reward package will drive the behaviours and generate the outcomes you want from your sales people.

But all that recruitment and training may be to no avail if the operational environment doesn’t support and reinforce it.


We provide tactical services that target specific aspects of your overall operation where you require assistance. For example; we could undertake a recruitment campaign for you, the profiling of existing employees that you might want to move into selling roles, the design and delivery of; an induction or sales’ skill training programme.

Call us to begin the conversation, or visit developing your sales team for more detail on staff related services we have provided to our customers.


While recruitment or training may address an immediate or tactical need this rarely delivers a sustainable improvement in performance and productivity. Sustainable improvement will require a strategic integrated approach; to the people that make up a sales & selling operation, and to the operational aspects such as the sales methods and processes.

Performative deliver fully managed solutions such as the design and deployment of sales academies  and sales performance transformation programmes for our customers. Call us to resolve your strategic requirements.