Maximise Customer Value

hex-lrFor some companies customer engagement is focused on a single transaction and once the deal has been done the parties probably have no reason to stay engaged. However, for an increasing number of businesses an ongoing relationship is necessary and beneficial to both parties (supplier and customer).

If the nature of your business would benefit from building and maintaining long term relationships with your customers then you need to put in the effort right from the first tentative prospecting call, supported by the messages given out by your website.

“Begin with the end in mind”
Stephen Covey

To achieve this you need a strategy that takes account of the following factors:

  • A qualification process designed to identify future as well as immediate potential.
  • An engagement process focused on potential lifetime customer value; beyond profit from the initial deal. This will have an impact on your sales targets and sales reward scheme.
  • The use of account planning as a tool to build a ‘project plan’ for each customer.
  • A mechanism to filter out opportunities which will detract from your business goals
  • A mechanism to ensure the bidding process for individual pieces of work can engage and employ essential resources from across your company.
  • A bidding process focused on what the prospect needs to see not just what you want to say/sell.
  • Proposals that project benefits and value without the distraction of features and price.
  • A staffing model that recognises the three primary roles required to effectively deliver long term customer value; hunting (new business selling), farming (account management & growth) and customer support. Together the three roles should deliver a fully integrated customer experience.
  • As with new business you should always review bids with existing customers to see what can be learnt from bids that you win as well as those you lose.

Performative Structured Selling ® has been proven to address such needs with a fully integrated solution for companies regardless of whether they need a transactional or strategic go-to-market model.