Lead Generation

Stronger Leads… building on a foundation of a focused market and a laser proposition …

The foundation to all successful sales strategies can be found in; the accurate (meaningful) definition of a company’s proposition, the way that proposition is used to define and identify the ideal market and the blend of routes used to access that market and generate leads that will become new potential customers.

It’s not the volume of leads that dictates your capability to grow your business, it’s the strength of those leads; how many you can convert to profitable business.

If you would like to increase your conversion ratios, let us help you tune your go-to-market engine. No two companies are alike so we always commence with a review designed to help you identify your optimum go-to-market strategy.

Some of the aspects which contribute include:

Defining the proposition: Most companies are clear when describing their ‘product’ (Including service or solution) but less so when defining their proposition. The proposition is the total offering, going beyond the product, that describes the value a customer will gain from working with you and using your ‘product’.

Identifying the market: Through the process of defining your proposition you will also begin the process of identifying your ideal market. The proposition definition will create parameters that indicate your ideal potential customer is; of a certain size, in a particular market, serving particular types of customers, public/private, local/international, etc. You may also wish to add a geographic component to further define and refine your chosen part of the wider market.

The combination of proposition and market parameters is the first step in focusing your efforts on leads with potential to bring in business. A real benefit here is the early identification of leads that are unlikely to become customers for you so you can stop pursuing them before expending wasted time and effort.

Generating leads: There are now many techniques and mechanisms that can be used to generate leads. It is no longer a simple matter of advertise or canvas, mailshot or attend an exhibition. With the advent of social media and other digital means the choice of routes to market is now much more complex and getting the mix and blend of mechanisms right is a key factor in a successful go-to-market strategy.

The smart money is now on integrated lead generation strategies consisting of a blend of digital and physical marketing, to grab attention and generate initial interest, combined with planned follow through to deepen the level of engagement and produce better qualified leads.