Maintaining productivity in a dynamic Sales Force

Creating and maintaining a sales team with enough good staff to achieve your plans and meet your forecasts can be a problem particularly if you are growing or staff turnover is disproportionately high.

  • Do you foresee growth which will challenge your internal organisation to grow an effective sales force?
  • Is dealing with churn in the sales force distracting from your business goals?
  • Do new recruits resist the switch to selling “your way”?
  • Are you getting payback on budget and time spent training the sales team?

New intake will not be your staff, working your way, unless you develop consistent selling and sales management skills for all your customer facing staff

If Sales isn’t your primary strength our Sales Academy offerings are designed to equip any company to recruit, train and develop a sales force with professional selling and sales management skills.

Drawing on talent from either raw recruits, experienced sales people from other industries, or those who wish to be cross-trained into sales from other disciplines, the service covers the complete sales organisation from basic telesales through to senior account managers, sales managers and directors.

Delivered initially as an outsourced service, you have the option to take the functioning academy model in-house at an appropriate future date or continue to use us to provide the service.

Let experts help you through the minefield of recruiting, inducting/on-boarding and developing your ever evolving sales force. Contact us now to discuss how we can help you!