Initial Fact Find

Our typical starting point for any customer project involves an evaluation of the selling capability and capacity via a thorough analysis of the current and the desired future position of the company to determine the level of maturity of its go-to-market model and the associated processes. In this way we can establish a quantifiable view of what the business in its current state can achieve and what is required to achieve the desired goals, plans and budgets.
Sales Maturity AssessmentThe assessment is undertaken by senior members of the Performative team, who bring a vast amount of practical sales experience to bear, consequently the process often extends to look at related issues within the business which significantly impact on sales performance.

The results are typically fed back to the management team and board of directors via a presentation and workshop; they provide a blue-print for tackling the issues which are limiting the growth and development of the business.

The blue-print provides a way forward which you can implement yourself, or with our assistance.

Get in touch if you would like us to help you identify the actions needed to achieve your goals.

Your Market Proposition

Ensuring you offer the right things to the right people

The first step towards sales effectiveness is doing the right thing. This means ensuring your capabilities are honed towards a target audience that will best appreciate and hence buy from you.

By fully understanding your proposition and why your customers buy from you, you can be much more focused, targeting the right audience, delivering the appropriate value proposition to meet the buyer’s needs.

We were very happy with the Market Research Report Performative delivered to us. It clarified our perception of the market and raised a few ideas for a different approach.

We can help with an appropriate mix of:

  • Workshops to uncover and refine your capabilities and marketable solutions.
  • Customer survey activity to identify the strengths and weakness of your current offerings. Customers are likely to be more open with an independent researcher, or with a member of your senior management team with whom they do not normally communicate.
  • ‘Secret shopping’ campaigns to identify the brickbats and bouquets of your current face to the customer.
  • Market analysis assignments typically with the purpose of identifying and defining new markets, or trends and upcoming changes which your customers will need to address. This will help shape your approach to existing and new customers.
  • Competitor reviews to identify and develop your winning tactics and strategies.
  • Staffing review to leverage the talents of the team.
  • Routes to market advice and facilitation.

It has helped us to refocus on our current products and also to look at new markets and we are working as a board far more efficiently.

We’ll be happy to discuss how we can best help you engage your specific audience, so please feel free to call or email us now.

Business Growth

We work with you and your top team to develop and help you deliver strategic and tactical plans for:

Growth: providing support, advice and guidance in dealing with the many problems arising from growing a company in today’s tough business environment.

Succession: If business success has been heavily reliant on your involvement, it is natural to be apprehensive when handing the reins to others so you can devote more energy to the future of the business and coaching your successors, or to freeing you for your next business. We identify the profile of your ideal recruit and shortlist appropriate candidates for your final decision.

Structural Change: drawing on a wealth of practical experience to support you in the preparation and execution of strategy for; new market penetration, acquisitions, mergers, outsourcing, flotation or post-acquisition/merger harmonisation.

Exit: providing expert assistance in preparing your company to make it an attractive proposition for trade sale, divestment or MBI/MBO, enabling you to focus on business as usual and retain business value.

Feel free to contact us for a confidential discussion on achieving your growth plans.

Let our CEO explain ...

Let our CEO explain

Sales Recruitment

Our recruitment process typically consists of the following main steps:

  1. We work with you to create the job description from which we will create the job advert. We will also undertake the following activities:
    • Using an on-line profiling tool we will work with you to create a personal profile of the “ideal” candidate. Using the same tool at a later stage we will also profile short-listed candidates and compare them to the ideal profile to help with the final selection process.
    • We will advise on a suitable remuneration package, targets, etc. We could also design and produce the whole package if required.
    • Consider alternative approaches for sourcing candidates including on-line recruitment, print media advertising and head-hunting. We would not proceed with any specific approach without your prior approval.
  2. If the chosen route is advertising, we design the job advert and once you have approved it, place it with our on-line recruitment agent or in the chosen print media.
  3. We agree with you the final selection process that will be used for short-listed candidates. We usually recommend that the final selection process should include some sort of practical selling activity including a presentation against a brief which we will design for you. We may also recommend a selection panel or assessment centre approach as part of the final selection process.
  4. All CVs will come to us and we will telephone interview relevant candidates.
  5. We will then conduct a face-to-face interview with all suitable candidates.
  6. We will create a short-list and for each candidate provide you with the CV, our interview notes and the candidates’ personal profile which provides guidance on specific areas to probe when interviewing the candidate.
  7. You will then do your own interviews for the short-listed candidates. We will normally be involved in this process.
  8. Final selection will be made following a process agreed in advance as discussed in point 3 above.
  9. We manage and co-ordinate the whole process.

Additional services that we provide include; taking up references, making job offers, designing employment contracts and commission plans, and induction programme design and delivery.

Academy for Professional Selling

Creating an Academy for you

The Sales Academy provides a complete solution addressing all the people related issues associated with creating, developing and managing a successful selling operation.

In designing an Academy for an individual customer, we commence with a strategy workshop with all stakeholders. That workshop starts with the basic model illustrated below.

Academy for professional sellingThe output from the workshop tailors the Academy framework to the needs of the individual customer which then creates the specification for the individual Academy project. The Academy framework is populated with components some of which may already be in place in your organisation, others will be added by Performative to provide a complete and fully integrated solution which will have the look and feel of your organisation.

Sales academy framework

Basic academy framework

The Academy solution can be delivered according to a variety of choices with the main options being:

  • A solution designed and developed by Performative but deployed by your own staff.
  • The same solution deployed by Performative for a period of “evolutionary pilot running” before being handed over to your own staff once a settled state is achieved.
  • The whole service can be provided as a fully outsourced service run and managed by one of Performative’s experienced programme managers.

In summary, we can work with any delivery model to suit an individual customer.

Contact us to see how an academy might assist you with your sales force effectiveness.

Sales Performance Transformation

Having completed an initial fact find to identify the main barriers to performance improvement we design a unique solution for each individual customer. The solution is built from existing components within a framework provided by Performative Structured Selling®. This approach gives all the benefits of a bespoke solution with the efficiency of a packaged one.

The components fall into four main areas:

  • Market Focus Review – the Performative process that ensures the proposition, target markets and routes to market are correctly defined, fully aligned and effectively communicated at all market contact points.
  • The selling model and associated processes designed for each individual customer, built around the proven Performative Structured Selling® methodology. This covers all aspects of the selling cycle and business development process, from the early stages of identifying target prospects through to full account ownership.
  • Information and selling tools, applied correctly can empower the sales people through every stage of the selling process. All markets are getting more complex and competitive and as a result, the sales people need to be better armed, to quickly turn information into knowledge and thus maximise their chances of winning more deals, and more profitable deals.
  • People – having now created the right environment and foundations we can turn our attention to the people. We provide a range of services covering; profiling, recruitment & selection, induction, and education & training programmes covering both process and selling skills training. Not only do we focus on the sales people and other customer facing staff, we also provide development and coaching programmes for the whole sales management hierarchy.

The finished product is a fully operational, practical selling system designed to deliver sustainable performance improvement to your business.

Contact us for your bespoke solution.

Supportive Sales Environment

A successful sales and selling strategy that supports the business goals by delivering predictable business growth should be built from the following main components:

  • A rigorous and continuous approach to generating consistently high quality leads.
  • An effective approach to handling those leads turning them into new customers.
  • A bidding process that optimises your chances of winning the deals you want.
  • The means to produce realistic sales forecasts providing a predictable view of the deals that will come in, how much they will be worth and when they will close.
  • Having won the first piece of business the next stage is to set about developing a permanent relationship with the customer; a repeat user of your services or products.

The most productive approach to business development will be found in; businesses grown through farming established customer relationships creating new opportunities while never losing sight of the importance of hunting for new potential customers and opportunities.

Hunting + farming will deliver the optimum return for the investment in sales, selling and marketing capability.

Two final pieces provide a game winning strategy.

  • The methodology, go-to-market strategy and associated process that lock the whole thing together providing a fully integrated, sales and selling “production line”.
  • The people that undertaking the; marketing, sales and selling roles. While it may seem odd to mention the people last, experience informs us that investment in people before the rest of the operation is functioning effectively is often a wasted investment.

The right environment, built from the components outlined above, will help the people to be consistently productive while an incomplete or disjointed environment will hinder even the best people.

If you would like a confidential conversation on a specific sales topic, then just drop us a line or give us a call.

Services Summary

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