Academy for Professional Selling

Creating an Academy for you

The Sales Academy provides a complete solution addressing all the people related issues associated with creating, developing and managing a successful selling operation.

In designing an Academy for an individual customer, we commence with a strategy workshop with all stakeholders. That workshop starts with the basic model illustrated below.

Academy for professional sellingThe output from the workshop tailors the Academy framework to the needs of the individual customer which then creates the specification for the individual Academy project. The Academy framework is populated with components some of which may already be in place in your organisation, others will be added by Performative to provide a complete and fully integrated solution which will have the look and feel of your organisation.

Sales academy framework

Basic academy framework

The Academy solution can be delivered according to a variety of choices with the main options being:

  • A solution designed and developed by Performative but deployed by your own staff.
  • The same solution deployed by Performative for a period of “evolutionary pilot running” before being handed over to your own staff once a settled state is achieved.
  • The whole service can be provided as a fully outsourced service run and managed by one of Performative’s experienced programme managers.

In summary, we can work with any delivery model to suit an individual customer.

Contact us to see how an academy might assist you with your sales force effectiveness.